Episode 109 Our Victory Story of LOVE, Telling the Stories of Your Ancient Future Self


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In this special #loveisalsoviral mini-episode podcast co-host Christine Pensa welcomes YOU as the guest

It's an invitation to our listeners to dream and imagine what they are going to create as we step forward into our New Earth—Our Victory Story of LOVE. What can we create together? What can we bring into cre-action?

This week's episode was inspired by the viral Tomfoolery video where a young father is reading a bedtime story to his children who are incredulous as they listen to the story about this time we are living. The YouTube video is called, The Great Realisation (link below). Christine walks you through a shamanic practice she first heard about from Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis where the practitioner tells a story as their ancient future self. Christine has personalized the guided practice and we trust you will find it inspiring and healing for your soul, as we use our breath, will and imagination to birth new ways of being into the collective.

In this continuing mini-episode series, you will be walked through a shamanic journey where you get to tell YOUR OWN story of victory. We are co-creating this New Earth together, and all of us are part of that sovereign experience.

We'd love to hear what you imagined coming into reality during your journey. Please reach out on our Instagram or Facebook pages to share your LOVE victory stories.

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