Episode 44 - Happy Thanksgiving 2021!


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Happy Thanksgiving week podcast friends! This week will just be an update and discussion of the state of the world, with a focus on Cryptocurrency and the Metaverse.

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Welcome back to Awakened Exchanges! I’m your host Jay Rich and I want to thank you all so much for joining us today. Happy Thanksgiving week my podcast friends! I’m coming back after a much shorter break than the last round and I’m trying to still bring you fairly regular content. Sadly, things are still a bit tight and that includes my time to make these, but I will do my best to continue bringing you updates and guests as I can. It means so much to see that you’re still listening and sharing this podcast with others. For those that are just joining us, I want to warmly welcome you to the exchange. I truly value the new thoughts and energy which help this podcast and community thrive. You listeners truly keep things flowing as you are the most important part of this podcast. Please remember that if you have any suggestions for topics or guests, I do listen to the listeners, and I look forward to your email, either from our website or you can contact me on twitter @AwakenExchanges. I hope you’re as excited to be here as I am to be back with you!
You may have noticed that this isn’t releasing on Tuesday this week and that’s because I’ve decided that since I’m not able to maintain a weekly schedule as before, I’m going to just release content as I can and hope to someday have the time and financial viability to release weekly again. Until then, I hope you keep listening in and joining in on the exchange as we go. It’s also a nice bonus that today is Thanksgiving, which gives me a good excuse to show some gratitude at the end of the year. We’ll discuss cryptocurrency and the booming metaverse, as well as touching on covid, and the future plans of this podcast and the germinating A.R.C. Community. I hope that you enjoy this very personal and thankful Thanksgiving episode.
But, before I get into it, I want to thank a sharp-eared listener, whom I’ll just call by his first name, Paul. Paul noticed that in Agent of Chaos part 2, I had mentioned that Tom O’Neill had found proof of contact between Dr. David Smith and Sidney Gottlieb, the head of the CIA’s MKUltra program. I was mistaken when I said that, I was talking about the letters between Sidney Gottlieb and Dr. Louis “Jolly” West. Good catch Paul and thank you again, you’re very appreciated. In fact, you might say I’m thankful for you this holiday season.

Now, with that correction taken care of and since this week is going to be another solo episode, I’m just going to just get to the - brief rundown of our sponsors. First off, I want to thank all of you personally for your support. Just listening and sharing this podcast with your friends gives me a reason to keep providing the best content that I can. If you have the means and would like to contribute personally, please take a look at our Patreon page where you will get access to exclusive content and deals! As for our other sponsors, Awakened Vapes was the first of the Awakened Brands, and has been helping you modulate your high with CBD-only, high-terpene vape products since 2019. Genesis Pharms has been making the highest-quality medicinal RSO, among many other fantastic products, starting with the medical community back before 2010. And, last but not least, the Caramel Corn Company!

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