Episode 43 - Agent of Chaos (Pt. 2)


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On this week’s episode, Shawn Shumway finish our discussion on the book Chaos, by Tom O’neill. We’ll tie together last week's MK Ultra-heavy info with the claims that the Manson Family murders and the end of the 60’s may have been brought on by our own government!

Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the 60’s (at a local bookstore!)

Mortal Error (at a local bookstore!)




Charles Manson

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Welcome back to Awakened Exchanges! I’m your host Jay Rich and I want to thank you all again for joining us today. It means so much to me that you’re here listening and sharing this podcast with others. It’s your new thoughts and energy that help this podcast and community thrive. And for those that are just joining us, I truly want to welcome you to the exchange. You listeners are what keep my energy up and things moving forward, because you are the most important part of this podcast. Please remember that if you have any suggestions for topics or guests, I do listen to the listeners, and I look forward to your email, either from our website or you can contact me on twitter @AwakenExchanges. I hope you’re as excited to be here as I am to be back with you!
And much like last week, I want to thank Shawn Shumway for once again joining us on the exchange. This week we’ll finish our conversation about Tom O’neill’s book Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the 60’s. I maintain that everyone out there should read this book, yes you, even after you finish this series. I will not do it justice, no matter how I try, but there are most definitely spoilers so consider yourself very forewarned. In the show notes, I’ve included a link where you can buy Tom O’neill’s book and support local bookstores at the same time. This week we dive into San Francisco and the Manson Family Murders that inspired the book to begin with. We’ve been telling the story in a different way and linking the players together from different angles, showing the connections that I can hypothesize freely about, while Tom O’Neill had to stick to what he could completely prove in the documents. We’ve talked about CoIntelPro, Chaos, MKUltra, Jolly West, the JFK Assassination, but now we get into how all of that is wrapped up with the Manson Family Murders, and how the CIA may have been responsible for the 60’s.
Oh, and one more thing before I move on, I want to once again thank wikipedia for providing the source of a lot of the consensus facts that I use to flesh out the story that Tom O’neill did such a better job of in his 20 year thesis.

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