From Mountain Drives to Bachelorette Parties with Alan Krutsch


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What do mountain drives have to do with bachelorette parties in downtown Nashville? Plenty, if you’re using them as analogies for the customer experience.

Alan Krutsch joins the show, complete with a black baseball cap to fit in. Alan is the type of guy who you can talk to about the same topic for 3 hours without getting bored. He’s the Director of Marketing & Industry Relations at FUSE Autotech and is always able to take a question and zoom out to consider all the implications.

What we talk about in this episode:

0:00 Intro with Michael Cirillo, Paul J Daly and Kyle Mountsier.

3:31 Early in the interview, Alan shares how he’s feeling uncomfortable, and then in an automotive podcast award-winning performance, reveals a black baseball hat. And like that, the comfort is restored!

5:26 What is Alan watching? He’s interested in Chinese manufacturers entering the US market and the effect it will have on it. He recalls when Japanese manufacturers like Toyota and Honda came to the US, in spite of naysayers who didn’t believe they’d be successful.

10:21 When it comes to advice, Alan goes back to basic principles of the automotive industry. For him, the 2 pillars are efficiency and customer experience.

21:52 After comparing the automotive shopping experience to general retail, Alan wraps up the interview by suggesting that putting the customer more in control of the buying process will help them to feel more confident and make the experience better.

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