325 | Caitlyn, PCOS, ovulation induction, IVF, TFMR, anencephaly, induction, emergency caesarean, breastfeeding


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In episode 325 Caitlyn @missmaysmoments shares the story of her two pregnancies. After navigating the challenges of PCOS, ovulation induction and IVF, Caitlyn was lucky enough to get 17 embryos and fell pregnant on the first transfer. At her 13 week scan her baby boy - Teddy - was given a terminal diagnosis of anencephaly meaning he would only survive minutes outside the womb. Caitlyn and her husband made the decision to have a termination for medical reasons (TFMR). Exactly one year later, after an anxious pregnancy, Caitlyn welcomed her rainbow baby, Rudie in an emergency caesarean. Caitlyn’s story is one of patience, heartache and hope and she articulates all the emotions of infertility, pregnancy, loss and joy with clarity and wisdom.

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