323 | Nas Campanella, caesarean birth, vision impairment, charcot-marie-tooth disease, breech, lactation consultant, formula feeding, disability discrimination, postpartum doula


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In this episode I interview Nas Campanella, new mum to baby Lachlan and a disability affairs reporter for the ABC. Nas is visually impaired and has a neurological condition that affects her dexterity and balance, so her journey to motherhood has required a lot of active preparation and planning. She talks in detail about the discussions she had with obstetricians pre-conception, her exemplary care during pregnancy and birth, the guidance she received from occupational therapists and the practices she’s embraced in postpartum to adjust to new motherhood. As well as sharing a list of practical products that have helped her navigate day to day life with a baby, she discusses the warm and welcoming support she’s received from her family, postpartum doula, mothers groups and friends. You’ll love this episode. Thank you, Nas!

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