307 | Erin, three births, one emergency caesarean, VBAC, early infant loss


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Erin shares the story of her firstborn, Aiden. At her 20 week morphology scan the sonographer noted that there was an issue with Aiden’s kidneys and because they weren’t producing enough amniotic fluid, Aiden’s lung development was affected. Two days later, under the care of the maternal foetal medicine team, Aiden was given a terminal diagnosis. Erin and her husband, Mike, chose to continue with the pregnancy and held onto hope despite the inevitable challenges of such uncertainty. Erin takes us right back to the day of Aiden’s birth and the surreal 25 hours afterward as they learnt the full extent of Aiden’s diagnosis, opted to cease intervention and said goodbye. Erin shares all the details of Aiden’s life and death and explains the unique grief of babyloss which she describes as a physical ache and visceral emptiness.

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