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In today’s episode, Cammie shares her two wildly different birth experiences and emphasises a little known but important fact: if you don’t feel supported or respected, you can change care providers at any stage of pregnancy. For her first pregnancy she opted for private obstetric care and while she intended to have a low-intervention birth, she was induced and had an epidural and vacuum-assisted birth. After choosing public hospital care for her second birth, she was 22 weeks when she was told she would need to birth at a tertiary hospital far from home because of high BMI. Regardless of her health and wellness, the hospital policy dictated that she was high-risk because of her larger body. Disappointed and disheartened, she started looking into her options for homebirth. She worked through her fears, embraced care from Mama Services in Kensington, accessed her hospital records from her first birth and actively prepared for a physiological birth at home.

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