337 | Paige, one emergency caesarean, VBAC, induction, oligohydramnios, PND, birth trauma, doula, epidural


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In this episode I interview Paige, a midwife and mother who takes us through her two pregnancy and birth experiences. Her first baby was diagnosed with oligohydramnios (low amniotic fluid) at 41 weeks and Paige was induced the next day. After a few hours of labour a code green emergency caesarean was called and despite knowing what was going to happen, Paige went into shock and doesn’t remember a lot about her daughter’s birth. Five days later she started haemorrhaging and was taken to hospital by ambulance. She chats at length about her birth trauma and the work she did in her second pregnancy to process and let go of her fear. Paige shares so much wise advice in this episode and takes us step by step through her preparation for a successful VBAC.

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