332 | Alannah, two vaginal births, acupuncture induction, private obstetrician, retained placenta, dermoid ovarian cyst, miscarriage, accidental homebirth


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After preparing for a physiological first birth with midwives in her local birth centre, Alannah’s plans changed at 35 weeks when an ultrasound revealed a persistent right umbilical vein which can be associated with birth defects. She sought the guidance of a private obstetrician in her local public hospital and at 41 weeks, after a long, hard labour, she birthed her baby boy. A postpartum haemorrhage and retained placenta resulted in her needing to have surgery under general anaesthetic which significantly affected her postpartum experience. A few years later a blood test revealed unusual hormone levels and after further investigation, a 15cm ovarian cyst was found and later removed. Alannah fell pregnant with baby Alex easily and after a smooth pregnancy and a gradual start to labour, she birthed him at home while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

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