What is a “Money Nerd” and How to Become One?


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It’s a topic we all think about, yet so many people are scared to even discuss it. Yes, we’re talking about personal finances. On this episode host Holly Dailey (along with guest co-hosts Maria McConville and Alexandra Grinston) find out from Justin Hall of the Department of Defense’s Office of Financial Readiness how easy it is to master your wallet. Whether you’re just starting out, planning for college, stuck in a mountain of debt, looking to buy a home or perhaps thinking about retirement, Justin will impart some wisdom and tips that can easily turn you into a “money nerd”. To learn more please check out this episode and the resource section below.

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  • Hosts:
      • Holly Dailey, AUSA’s Director of Family Readiness
      • Maria McConville, Spouse of the Chief of Staff of the Army
      • Alexandra Grinston, Spouse of the Sergeant Major of the Army
  • Guests:
      • Justin Hall, Strategic Communications Manager, Office of Financial Readiness
      • Cindy A. Risch, Military Spouse


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