Thinx Lawsuit, GOP Ban on US Embassies Pride Flag, George Santos: Drag Queen, Bryan's "The Last of Us" audition.


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On ATTITUDES! this week, Erin discusses Thinx period underwear, that was supposed to be 'non-toxic', and has settled a class-action lawsuit regarding its supposedly "organic, sustainable and non-toxic" underwear which contained 'PFAS', also known as 'forever chemicals'. Bryan dishes on George Santos now accused of stealing money from a veteran with disabilities who was trying to get life saving surgery for his dying service dog. Bryan also touches on the GOP bill, The Old Glory Act, saying only the American flag can fly over US embassies: No more Pride, BLM flags. All this plus Bryans "The Last of Us"audition, and Erin's adult double dare! Watch the episode on #yougotthisgirl

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