The Official Wizard of New Zealand Loses Job - Man Murdered for "Sacrilege" Against Sikh Holy Book


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The Official Wizard of New Zealand Axed From Payroll Location: New Zealand

Man Mutilated and Murdered for "Sacrilege" Against Sikh Holy Book Location: India

"Disrespected" Quran Leads to Deadly Violence in Bangladesh Location: Bangladesh

New Federal Lawsuit Over Anti-LGBT Discrimination in Fostercare Program Location: Washington DC

Germany's Largest Mosque Allowed To Broadcast the Call to Prayer Location: Germany

Christian Couple Sues Over Trans Child Wearing Dress at School Location: UK

Ghanian Anti-LGBT Bill Gains Strong Support from Christians Location: Ghana

Quran App Removed from Appleโ€™s Chinese App Store Location: China

Spanish Archbishop Apologizes for Sexy Music Video Filmed in Cathedral Location: Spain

Indian Cyber Police Make Request Against Blasphemous Tweet

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