429 The Scrambling of Africa


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This week we talk about the colonial and post-colonial destabilizing of Africa as we move closer to the modern Pentecostal and Evangelical takeover. In the news we have religious right conspiracy theorists, a win on vaccine religious exemptions, wellness and misinformation, the Reformed Church’s attempt to avoid schism and more.

Dustin’ off the Degree

The Scrambling of Africa

  • The Scramble for Africa
  • Intentional unstable boarders
  • Destabilizing decolonization
  • Welcome to the 3rd World
  • Dictatorship, civil wars, apartheid, land and wealth redistribution
  • Rwandan Genocide and Congo Wars
  • Malaria and HIV
    • Malaria is estimated to suppress 33% of GDP across sub-Saharan Africa.
    • HIV crossed to humans from SIV through bush meat harvest and processing and spread initially through syphilis infested brothels in the Belgian Congo.
    • Current HIV Rates are 4.9% across all of sub-Saharan Africa and as high as 26% is Eswatini.



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