Talk Heathen 05.43 10-24-2021 with Katy Montgomerie and MD Aware


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Greetings heathens! Time to get down with our host Katy Montgomerie and special guest MD Aware. First up is Logical Apostate in MO that wants to understand how trans rights are impacted by religion. People tend to react to trans people the same way they would react to gay people because they look to the closest language to trans mentioned in their scriptures that would be considered an abomination. They use that as justification for their bias. The actual law of the religion is often not the driving force of prejudices. Ameet in NY is next and is asking about how the alkaline diet is purported to kill cancer cells. The pH of the body is extremely controlled. If the pH drops below 7 or rises up to 8, it is a sign of demise. Pushing these limits can be fatal. Whenever someone says “blank” kills cancer cells, remember that bullets do the same thing. Any normal alkaline diet can not significantly alter the body’s pH, and if it did, it would probably kill the person as well. Mike from WA belligerently tries to argue with a real scientist that information contained in DNA must have come from somewhere and that there was no natural selection. Mike, ad hominem attacks do not change the fact that DNA are chemicals and are naturally selected according to physical and chemical laws. This is a physical process and is not the same as information nor is it a recipe. DNA is a chemical that self replicates under the correct conditions. Ron in Canada believes the Bible is entirely true and contains an ancient wisdom that has revolutionized Western Civilization. When asked what makes the Bible true, his answer is the same that Muslims give about the Quran. And that is that he believes the Bible is so great that it could not have been written by man. This is a false dichotomy because there is no evidence that a supernatural entity exists to have written the Bible as opposed to human writings. The claims in the Bible can’t be used to prove itself; we need evidence. We are not convinced that what the people wrote in the Bible were inspired by a god. Finally we have Allison in CA who grew up in a cult and now considers herself an atheist but wants to understand why we need to use the atheist label because it feels limiting. The label is there and roughly describes what is believed. An atheist just means we are not convinced of any god claims. Descriptions are interesting to humans and communicate topics. More importantly, we need to address the struggle against atheist rights, and using the label assists with this. That is all for today folks! Thank you for tuning in to the show and we will see you soon!

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