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In episode 6, Dolores R. Guiñazú interviewed Jost Zetzsche. Jost is from Germany, and he is ATA’s newest Honorary Member and ATA spokesperson. Additionally, he chairs ATA’s Translation and Interpreting Resources Committee, writes the “GeekSpeak” column, coordinates the “Resource Review” column for The ATA Chronicle, and is a frequent presenter at numerous industry events, including ATA’s Annual Conference. Jost is the industry’s leading translation technology consultant and a published author on various aspects of translation. His computer guide for translators, A Translator’s Tool Box for the 21st Century, and his technical newsletter offer unique information that help us grow.

In this highly technical interview, Jost shares his views regarding MT (machine translation) and AI (Artificial Intelligence), as well as his great passion for the latest tools. He states that both human translation and Artificial Intelligence can co-exist. Jost also explains his approach on AI’s growing influence in our professional lives and highlights that translators are the very last ones who should worry about losing their jobs if one day AI happens to replace human beings!

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we do, because TOGETHER, WE ALWAYS GROW. Thanks for listening!
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