Cancel L&D for Burned Out Teams with Sumana Jeddy


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This week, we are joined by Sumana Jeddy our favourite workplace wellness expert. She brings her wealth of science and knowledge paired with her magical laugh to explore the challenge of delivering learning and development (L&D) initiatives to burned-out teams. Do we cancel or is L&D what everyone needs right now?

Sumana Fathima Jeddy is a content creator, influencer and the founder of Wellness Shots, a Canadian wellness company. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology followed by a Master of Public Health degree, she launched Wellness Shots driven by her desire to educate and empower individuals, organizations and communities. Sumana facilitates custom workplace wellness consulting solutions to executives and professionals and aims to tackle the challenges of combating burnout by running science-based wellness retreats. Sumana passionately delivers educational, entertaining and high-energy video content on workplace wellness, burnout and healthcare leadership.

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