Yamel Belen talks being a doula and the importance of Black maternal health


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I’m honored to have Yamel Belen (@yamelbelen) join me to talk about Black maternal health and doula work. I’ve known Yamel for years and she helped me immensely both pre- and post-pregnancy, so I’m excited that she joined me. We talk about why doulas are important, my labor and delivery experience, and how to advocate for yourself while giving birth. I also share a bit of my postpartum story that I haven’t talked about before. She’s created an incredible resource for those who are expecting or trying to conceive — follow the link below to download the birth plan template!

Birth plan template: bit.ly/ababirthprep

One Love Doula: instagram.com/onelovedoulaservices

Yamel’s Instagram: instagram.com/yamelbelen

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