Patreon Amuse-Bouche: Bad Art Friend & The Annual Carriage House Halloween Candy Tasting with Paul F. Tompkins (Patreon 88)


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Now wait a minute. The reaction to this past week's Patreon episode was INCREDIBLE, pardon me, and we couldn't agree more. Was Paul F. Tompkins a delight? Of course he was. Was our discussion of the Bad Art Friend from the New York Times everything we said it would be and more? Of course it was. And was our Halloween Candy Tasting a high/low treat of monumental proportions? You better believe it was.

Here's a little taste of what you missed if you aren't a Carriage House member. Wanna hear the whole thing? Why wouldn't you! Join us on Patreon to listen to (or watch!) what can only be described as an episode for the ages.

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