How to Stop Allowing Fear to Control You [Rachel Rudwall]


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Rachel Rudwall is an Emmy-Nominated multi-media Producer working to connect the world through impactful storytelling, and she joins us on The Ask More Get More Show to discuss how you can stop allowing fear to control the decisions you make in your life.

Rachel has been on countless global adventures, ranging from TV hosting for Travel Channel's Epic Lists and HLN's Vacation Chasers, to digital hosting for TIME, Inc. and Tastemade, and from brand content creation for BMW and Chase Bank, to producing shows like Ice Road Truckers and Ax Men.

She is an explorer, host and writer, has been to over 70 countries and 7 continents and is an ambassador and part of the UN Refugee Agency.

Beyond the screen, Rachel writes articles and shoots photography for magazines like AFAR and Forbes, and shares further global inspiration through Speaking, Keynote Addresses, and Conference Workshops.

A few things we discuss:
We're at our best when we realize it's NOT about us. ("It" being life, communication, storytelling, et al)
Everyone is a storyteller--whether talking to peers, bosses, family members, or other members of our community--so, honing our storytelling skills can help us become more effective in every facet of our lives.
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