What to Do When You're In A Situation You Don't LOVE [Erik Allen]


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We are joined by Erik Allen, a podcast host, entrepreneur and SecretKnock Influencer, to talk about how to get more out of cultivating and maintaining a growth mindset.

A few points that we covered:

  • the morning routine that sets the day up for success
  • small wins and one step at a time created this huge win
  • sell the house and move across the country?
  • what to think when you are in a job you don't love
  • vision board vs vision WALL
  • and so much more!

About Erik:

Raised in a broken home, battled addictions, jailed at 18, bankrupt at 21 only to turn everything around. 16 years sober, beautiful wife, two kids, podcaster, speaker, & now helping up and coming MMA fighters & entrepreneurs get known and noticed online!
Ranked in the Top 5 Entrepreneurs of Idaho
(Best Of 2020 & 2021)
Top Rated MMA is all about Real Fighters! Real Stories! We donate 25% of our profits made through our affiliate products to Hire Heroes USA (HireHeroesUSA.org) who empowers U.S. military members, veterans and military spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce.
The Erik Allen Show is where I am talking with Entrepreneurs, World Changers, and Success Minded People!

You can find Erik and his website here.
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