This is Why Exercise SUCKS! [Dr. Darian Parker]


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The Ask More Get More Show with special guest Dr. Darian Parker, PhD, NSCA-CPT discussing how we can get more out of your health and wellness mindset.

Dr. Parker is back again with an explosive conversation about our mindset when it comes to our health and wellness and he did NOT disappoint!

We look at why it's difficult to get into the mindset behind what it takes to move our bodies in the way we do it now, given our biological wants and needs.

About Dr. Parker

Dr. Parker has been in the fitness and wellness business for 18 years. Throughout the course of Dr. Parker’s career he has served several roles in the fitness and wellness industry.

In the academic setting, Dr. Parker served as the Director of Education and Program Coordinator for both Professional Fitness Institute/Pinnacle Career College.

After working in the academic environment, Dr. Parker worked for WTS International as the General Manager for Club Ridges, an upscale private fitness club located within the gates of the exclusive Ridges community in Las Vegas.

In addition to this Dr. Parker served as the National Director of Fitness for WTS assisting in oversight and support of WTS’ national portfolio. Furthermore, Dr. Parker continues to be the private personal trainer for several leaders of prominent businesses in the United States.

Dr. Parker’s new venture as one of the Principals of Epic Leisure Management provides an opportunity for him to create, implement and foster the highest levels of a people centered culture while also providing the most innovative and significant technologies and services to our clients.

People first is at the core of Dr. Parker’s philosophy. While business is very important, what’s even more important to Dr. Parker is the human being behind the business.

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