A Paycheque is Not Recognition - How to Speak Mindfully at Work [Michelle Waters]


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Michelle Waters joins us on the Ask More. Get More. Leadership Podcast to discuss how we can be much more kind & mindful in our communication.

Michelle is a Communication Consultant, a Kindful Communicator (kind + mindful) and has over 20 years of proven and engaging international experience.

She works in corporate, non-profit, education and government spaces teaching them how to effectively communicate with one another. She also has a college textbook on business communication that will be published by Oxford University Press in January of 2022!

A few things we discuss:

-why all of the words that we speak should pass through 3 specific gates before they leave our mouths

-why being mindful of what we say matters - at work and at home

-never underestimate the power of a purposefully placed post-it note.

You can find Michelle here:

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