Ep 329: How You Can Get Your Dream Job


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What's the best way to get your dream job? A listener wrote in to say that he has been sending his "out-of-the-box ideas" to his company, but he hasn't heard back. Suddenly, the company has posted a job opening for something similar that he can do. He's wondering if he should just go through the normal routine and apply for the opening through the normal channels, or if he should get very creative, like Claudia did when she "applied" for the CEO position at Twitter. James says he should do both. Listen here to hear James give the listener the tips and tricks to getting his dream job. Regards, David Newman P.S. We're looking for a few great affiliates to help us get James' message out. The idea is simple. You sign up with us to become an official, sanctioned distributor of Choose Yourself Media products. You begin promoting them immediately. You use sales copy and other advertising materials that we've tested ourselves – materials that have already been proven to work (banner ads, text ads, e-mails, newsletter ads – you name it!), and you offer your members the bonuses and privileges that we offer. For more information on becoming an affiliate, click here

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