Ep 322: The Hustle


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James recently hired someone to completely rewrite Fifty Shades of Grey using a thesaurus to change every word. Unfortunately, he found out there are laws against this, so of course, he never published it James' guest, , joins him today to talk about a friend of a friend of his who claims he makes about $15,000 a month through the Amazon Kindle store selling books he "writes." He finds other people's books about dating and social relationships, reads the comments to see what people like and don't like, and then he creates an outline. He sends this outline to a ghostwriter in the Philippines and, for about $250, he gets back a 30-page document that he then edits to create a book. He publishes about four books a month to the Amazon Kindle store. He's learned all the tricks on the Amazon platform that help him "work the system," increasing his rankings and selling more books. Designing an eye-catching cover and writing great copy on the description page are the most important things you can do to boost your sales. For him, the content is secondary. So John and his team decided to see if they could replicate his system. They decided to see if they could get a #1-ranked book on Amazon within a week. They took a romance novel they thought was in the public domain, changed names, re-worked it, and put it out there. It didn't work out the way they thought it might. Listen here to hear the story behind John's experiment. Regards, David Newman P.S. NOT SURE WHAT TO DO WITH THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? A great new resource shows a clever way to start a business, get a new job, find a retirement career, publish a book, make extra money in your spare time, and more.

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