Does Anaerobic Training Hurt FTP, Glycolysis, Meal Timing and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 326


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Anaerobic training is important for many athletes, but does its high-sugar burning nature lower your FTP? We’ll dig into the science of anaerobic training, lactate threshold, glycolysis, meal timing and much more in Episode 326 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast! ---------------------------------------------- TOPICS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE

- TrainerRoad launched a Free Trial! - How much is too much anaerobic training? - What anaerobic training does to your body - Does anaerobic training hurt FTP? - How does your body break down, store, and use sugar? - How to time your meals for ideal performance - Easy recipes for athletes - Should you hire a nutritionist? - Pairing nutrition with load and deload phases

---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE - The Science and Translation of Lactate Shuttle Theory - Rehabilitating lactate: From poison to cure - Track cyclist spinning +200rpm - The Science of Winning: Planning, Periodizing and Optimizing Swim Training - Pete’s Easy Bowl Recipe ---------------------------------------------- TRY TRAINERROAD RISK-FREE

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