Podcast 367: Mike Metlay (Bjooks)


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Well, we welcome Mike Metlay back to the podcast. It’s been a while, and a lot has changed for Mike since our last discussion (episode 69!), and we find him in his new venture: as the editor-in-chief at Bjooks. If you are paying any attention to the world of electronic music, you’ll know that Bjooks just released a new book, entitled Synth Gems 1. Mike had a big hand in this release, and we quiz him about it in this interview.

During our chat, we learn about the Bjooks publishing process, how they came up with the idea for this book, and how it was executed. This is a surprisingly complex thing, since their goal was to emphasize the beauty of synths, so it required top-notch images as well as noteworthy text. The story behind this (and the people that helped create it) is fascinating.

Take a ride with us to learn more about the creation of the Bjook book, and learn more about it at https://bjooks.com/.


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