Pretty In Pictures: The Art and Business of Photography with Beryl Young


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Imagine that you’ve never experienced a whole lot of grief before. Then something devastating happens to you and leads to something beautiful. It happened to my guest today, Beryl Young. I’ve known her for several years, ever since I first started Art Class Curator at a blogger conference. Before working with teachers and schools on photography curriculum, she taught kindergarteners and 1st graders for 10 years. Listen as she shares the powerful story of how she started her photography business and how it’s evolved.

2:54​ - The painful incident that triggered Beryl's transition from photography hobbyist to entrepreneur

9:29 - How Beryl taught herself photography and what inspired her to create her first class

13:21 - How the pandemic served as a huge catalyst for Beryl to shift her business

21:04 - An overview of Beryl’s approach to the teentography curriculum

26:16 - Why Beryl focuses on making photography as accessible as possible

31:37 - Beryl discusses her teentography and kidtography kits

36:01 - The platform that changed Beryl’s life

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