Destroying the Big Myth That Can Cause You to Underestimate Your Art Students


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Ever since I started Art Class Curator in 2014, I’ve heard a lot of teachers who haven’t tried our lessons tell me that their students can’t do them. They think the lessons are too high-level or their students won’t connect with the works of art. Oh how wrong they are! So today I want to dissolve the myth that your students can’t handle higher level thinking and gain a deeper connection with art in the classroom.

8:18​ - The only difference between age groups during art lessons

9:39 - One of the biggest fears of art teachers and why the worry isn’t necessary

14:32 - Why you shouldn’t underestimate your students’ ability to think critically

16:53 - How haiku and thinking like a math teacher can help you teach art

24:33 - Other ways we can help students engage with art lessons

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