The Lubrication Low-Down For Ladies With Low Libido: Dr. Mistry and River Place OB-GYN Talk (Sex) Life-Altering Treatments


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Thanks for tuning in to the Armor Men’s Health Hour Podcast today, where we bring you the latest and greatest in urology care and the best urology humor out there.
In this segment, Dr. Mistry and Donna Lee are joined by special guests from River Place OB-GYN, Dr. John Thoppil and Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Dana Wicker to discuss the intricacies in arousal for both men and women. While we often discuss low libido in men on the Armor Men's Health Hour, Dr. Thoppil and Dana are able to provide us with a more in-depth look at the experience of low libido for women. The factors that contribute to sexual arousal and desire for women are multi-factorial (as they can be for men, too). This means that other stressors in a woman's life as well as her overall physical health can contribute to a low desire for sex. Understanding the factors at play in lack of arousal can help providers to select the most appropriate way to treat it. Luckily, there are several easy and very successful treatment options for women with low libido. Two discussed today include Viveve, a radio-frequency treatment used to help rejuvenate vaginal tissue to improve laxity (which often occurs after childbirth, weight loss, or typical aging) as well as urinary incontinence and sexual response. After one annual treatment and zero pain, women see amazing results that also give them increased vaginal lubrication--that will definitely help with arousal! The other treatment is Cliovana, a sound-wave technology much like "shock wave" treatment for erectile dysfunction which increases blood flow to the clitoris by as much as double! This has the benefit of not only increasing arousal but also lowering the orgasm threshold by bringing extra blood flow to this hyper-sensitive area. If you or someone you love is struggling with sexual arousal, please know you have options! Give River Place OB-GYN or NAU Urology Specialists a call today to schedule a consultation.
At River Place OB-GYN, you can schedule your first appointment online at You can also visit their website specifically for help with sexual function/arousal,
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Dr. Mistry is a board-certified urologist and has been treating patients in the Austin and Greater Williamson County area since he started his private practice in 2007.
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