Get Help With Your Female Sexual Dysfunction: Dr. Mistry on This Very Common, Very Treatable Condition


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Thanks for tuning in to the Armor Men’s Health Hour Podcast today, where we bring you the latest and greatest in urology care and the best urology humor out there.

In this segment, Dr. Mistry and Donna Lee discuss female sexual dysfunction. Although many people assume urologists deal primarily with urologic issues in men, we actually see many women for a variety of concerns, including sexual health and function. In fact, OB-GYNs often refer their female patients experiencing pain or dysfunction to us. The four main issues experienced by women with female sexual dysfunction are issues of interest, arousal, orgasm, and pain. While the first three of these issues can be overcome by "faking it until you make it," there are effective ways to treat these issues and enhance sexual experience. FDA approved prescriptions like Vyleesi and Addyi help women achieve arousal and even orgasm by increasing blood flow and clitoral sensitivity. The fourth issue--pain--is a real intimacy killer that can be difficult to get past for both women and their partners. This common condition can often be treated through pelvic floor physical therapy, which helps to address any physical issues that may be presenting. The most important thing to note is that women need not accept their female sexual dysfunction. If you or someone you love is experiencing any of these concerns, please reach out to us today!
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Dr. Mistry is a board-certified urologist and has been treating patients in the Austin and Greater Williamson County area since he started his private practice in 2007.

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