Armed to the Heart: Christian Military Moms, Work Life Balance, Time Management, Postpartum Fitness


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By Megan Gephart | Christian Mindset Coach | Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness Coach | Military Mom Advocate | Dual Military Family, Megan Gephart | Christian Mindset Coach | Pregnancy, and Postpartum Fitness Coach | Military Mom Advocate | Dual Military Family. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio is streamed directly from their servers. Hit the Subscribe button to track updates in Player FM, or paste the feed URL into other podcast apps.
Are you feeling alone as you navigate pregnancy, postpartum, & motherhood in the military? Do you desire to make an impact but feel a bit stressed & burnt out trying to be the best mom and leader you can be at the same time? Do you worry you’re not giving enough to your family, because of all that your work & military life demands? Do you find yourself pushing through, trying to hold it all together but wondering if it really is possible to have a family AND a successful career without ultimately being forced to choose between? You wish you could feel more fulfilled & fully present in both work AND home, and have more freedom and time for what matters most to you. You’re not alone sister. In this Podcast, you’ll find Time Management strategies, Holistic Health & Fitness guidance, and Biblical Mindset tips to help you navigate the unique pressures & demands of motherhood in the military. My mission is to equip you to be the mom AND leader God is calling you to be. If you’re ready to find more balance & fulfillment in your work, family life, and fitness, while keeping Jesus at the center, you’re in the right place! Hey friend, I’m Megan Gephart. As a dual military, active duty Army officer raising 2 little ones in the Catholic faith, a fierce advocate for my sisters in arms, & small business owner, I know the struggle of trying to fulfill each of these roles God calls us to well without getting burnt out, compromising what matters most along the way, or never quite feeling like you’re measuring up, no matter how much you do. In the early years of my motherhood I was stuck running on survival mode. I was giving so much of myself to my job, my family, my fitness, and all I did, but also feeling like I was failing in everything. I felt trapped in the Army, was drowning trying to manage everything on my plate, struggling in my mental health and complications in my postpartum recovery, spending more time stationed apart from my husband than time together, was so exhausted from sleep deprivation & pumping around the clock for my baby but also by the pressure to overcome all the stigmas & prove myself constantly in work in a combat arms unit, and had lost my sense of purpose as my identity shifted in becoming a mother. I felt so guilty & worried my baby & husband were getting the leftovers of me, I was drowning in & growing resentful of the invisible load of motherhood, and it felt impossible to actually live out my faith and honor my priorities in the military. But there was no way out. I was trying so hard to stay strong & push through, and everyone kept telling me I was superwoman, but I just felt like a mess on the inside – the balance I longed for felt so out of reach. God finally answered my prayers when He started showing me I wasn’t stuck. He showed me that even though there’s so much we can’t control in the military, we don’t have to choose between our family, career, & well-being or compromise our values. That there was a different way, and that I could still fulfill His call for me even in uniform. Through a combination of strategies to prevent the burnout & overwhelm, a more holistic approach to my health & fitness that allowed me to feel, give & perform my best, and growing in a Christian mindset which helped me get more deeply rooted in the Lord and show up more as the mama I really wanted to be for my babies and focused on the unique impact He was calling me to make, I found a sense of peace & purpose I thought I’d never be able to experience while still serving. So if you are ready to find the freedom and fulfillment you’re longing for both within and beyond the uniform, while keeping your family & faith first, this Podcast is for you! Lace up those boots sister, it’s time to jump in together.

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