#450 Unicycling In A Homeless Toilet with Jeff Danis and Ryan O'Neill


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Comedians and Beach Cops Ryan Oneill and Jeff Danis join me at a park in Los Angeles right outside an area where all the homeless people of Los Angeles take their malnourished dumps. It stunk so bad. The flies were not as unbearable as the stench that brought them. It’s always a great time with the D&O!

We saw vapid LA morons unicycle by looking for attention any way they can get it, as is the way in Los Angeles. It’s a horrible town. And we’ve seen it turn our friends into soulless mental patients with enough money to somehow avoid being committed.

I think we also saw the beginning of a guerilla porn shoot in the woods. That and a tremendous moment where it was all O'neill could do to stop from trying to kill a deer with the blade he keeps tucked between his balls.

The title is a metaphor for how tenuous it is to navigate life in Hollywood without losing your humanity. Fun pod!

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