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UPDATE: Appreciating Shakespeare by Gideon Rappaport is now available as a BOOK wherever books are sold. Offering knowledge and tools for appreciating Shakespeare's deep and universal meanings. Series I: Chapter 1: What's So Great about Shakespeare? (3 sessions) Chapter 2: Shakespeare the Man Chapter 3: Shakespeare's Theater Chapter 4: Shakespeare's Language (4 sessions) Chapter 5: Shakespeare's Characters Chapter 6: Unity in Variety (3 sessions) Chapter 7: Shakespeare's Mental Furniture (5 sessions) Chapter 8: Interpretation Chapter 9: Shakespeare's Texts Chapter 10: Categories of Plays (2 sessions) Chapter 11: Sonnets Chapter 12: Other Poems Chapter 13: Collaboration Chapter 14: Hypothetical, Spurious, False Chapter 15: On the Nature of Art (3 sessions)Series II: Comedies (Sessions A-G): Shrew (A), MSND (B), Merchant (C), Much Ado (D), AYLI (E), 12th Night (F), Measure (G) Tragedies (Sessions H-N): Romeo (H), Caesar (I), Hamlet (J), Othello (K), Lear (L), Macbeth (M), Antony (N) Histories (Sessions O-T): Intro (O), Richard III (P), Richard II (Q), I Henry IV (R), 2 Henry IV (S), Henry V (T) Satire: Troilus (Session U) Late Romances: Winter's Tale (Session V), Tempest (Session W) Selected Sonnets: 1-65 (Session X), 73-116 (Session Y), 129-146 (Session Z) Questions?: Email

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