Anything Ghost Show #297 - The 2022 Mega-Macabre Halloween Special


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1. Nathan (Utah, US) – The Empress Theater Story 2. Andrea (Virginia, US) - The Headless Tin Man Mary (US) - Halloween Greeting 3. Laurie (California, US) – Ghosts in Our House 4. Annie (New Jersey, US) - A Sign from Brother Andres (California, US) - Welcome 5. Marissa (Upland, California) – Haunted Childhood Home Su Lily (New Jersey, US) - Halloween Greeting 6. Jennifer (New York, US) - My Brother In-law Andres (California, US) - Greeting 7. Andrea (US) – Ghost Child 8. Carrie (Albuquerque, New Mexico) - The Unwanted Guest 9. Kerry (Anderson, California) – Great Grandma 10. Chase (Kentucky, US) - A Haunting by Gratz Park 11. Eric (Salt Lake City, Utah) - Confessions of a Fixer - Episode 174 12. Briana (Virginia, US) - The Old Part of the House - Episode 155

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