Episode #27 - The Pulse of Pro Bass Fishing (Feat. Ricky Bodsford)


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Competitive bass fishing is evolving at breakneck speed and it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of all that's happening in the sport. That's where Ricky Bodsford comes in. Ricky owns the website, Bass365.com which covers the news in the world of professional bass fishing while also providing tips and product reviews. In this episode of Another Fishing Podcast, Ricky describes what he enjoys most about covering bass tournaments and what aspects he finds difficult. He also shares his thoughts on the biggest bass fishing trends in the last ten years and what to expect in the future. You'd be hard pressed to find another person as tuned in to the world of bass fishing as Ricky, which is why his opinions carry added weight. Where is pro bass fishing now? Where is it headed? Should there be only one professional bass fishing league? Ricky provides the lowdown. But there's SO MUCH MORE!
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