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Garry Nolan got involved working on UFOs after being approached by officials and an aerospace corporation to "help them understand the medical harm that had come to some individuals, related to supposed interactions with an anomalous craft", primarily due to the kinds of blood analysis that his lab can conduct. Initially via CyTOF blood analysis, he helped investigate the brains of around 100 patients, mostly "defense or governmental personnel or people working in the aerospace industry", of which a subset claimed to have seen UAPs and the majority had symptoms that were "basically identical to what's now called Havana syndrome" who had their brains scanned via MRI. He stated that some of the brains were horribly damaged and that "what we thought was the damage across multiple individuals" turned out to be a "over-connection of neurons between the head of the caudate and the putamen" which he claims was disproportionate in this cohort compared to the general population[clarification needed]. Others have independently (and even earlier) verified the role of the caudate in intelligence and planning. For at least multiple individuals of this subset, this brain characteristic was something that the people were born with.
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