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Today’s guest is author, producer, and television host Nev Schulman. Nev’s life changing experience was chronicled in the documentary film CATFISH and led to the creation of the hit MTV docuseries CATFISH: THE TV SHOW.

Nev takes us back to the beginning and recounts the story about his relationship with a young woman who didn’t exist, the complicated emotions he felt before and after making that discovery, and how he became more empathetic as a result. You’ll hear the origin and deeper meaning of the term catfish, the value of awkward silences, why he has compassion for the people doing the catfishing, how the show has changed his perception of love, and a lot more.

Our first caller is Samantha who lost touch with a good friend for years only to reconnect and discover that the friend is now dating her ex. Samantha wonders how or if she should tell her friend that the guy isn’t what he seems.

Next is a call with Jonathan who, after years of playing the field, believes he has finally found love. Now Jonathan wonders if he’s getting played when his younger boyfriend doesn’t return his texts and offers explanations that don’t quite add up.

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