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John Bradley [Game of Thrones, Moonfall, Borgia, Marry Me], talks with Anna about his new movie Moonfall with Halle Berry, conspiracy theories, drama school, how Game of Thrones changed his life (and nearly ended it a few times), using the wrong accent for the entire series, meeting Emilia Clark for the first time in the final season (and finally believing he was part of the same show), ignoring bad career advice, early loves, dealbreakers, finding inspiration, and much more.

Today’s first caller is Allison whose maid of honor doesn’t like her husband-to-be and has been blatantly disrespectful. To complicate matters, she’s also Allison’s boss.

Next, Anna and John talk with Ashley who has always felt like an outsider when spending time with her father and sister. After her mother passed away, Ashley hopes to become closer to the rest of her family but doesn’t know how to start.

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