Anime BS: 49 ["Fall 2020 Review/Winter 2021 Impressions"]


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Time, weather, and choppy internet tried its best to keep us down, but we survived to bring you our fall 2020 anime season thoughts, as well as our view of the winter 2021 anime season.

The hosts for the fall section are, Sir Croc, mark, Pietro, and Joe.

Our hosts on the winter side are, Sir Croc, Mark, Noah , and Joe.

Thank you all for patiently waiting for this episode, and hope you enjoy.

"EX-Arm the downfall of the anime industry"

Intro is "Rakuen" (Paradise) by Fujifabric
Read more at The Outerhaven: Crunchyroll Announces The God of High School OP and ED Themes IN PARADISE feat. AKLOLOST IN PARADISE feat. AKLO」(feat. Tyler Carter) the God of High School OP
Outro is "Night Falls (Ending)" by Taku Inoue from the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Soundtrack published by namco.

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