Top 5 Deadliest and Longest Living Animals on Earth (1 year anniversary special)


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This episode is about the top 5 deadliest and longest living animals on Earth. Our list of top 5 deadliest animals is (Ordered from 1-5) Mosquitos, Snakes, Tsetse fly, Assassin Bugs, and Freshwater Snails. Our list of top 5 longest living animals is (Ordered from 1-5) Immortal Jellyfish, Ocean Quahog, Greenland Shark, Bowhead Whale, and Red Sea Urchin. We have a great breaking news segment in this episode. Listen to find out what it is! To support our podcast please leave us a review, subscribe, and recommend this podcast to anyone you know. Check out our website as well! Stay Safe out there! ;-)
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