EPISODE 12 (50) SMILER - why smiling at work gets other people purring


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Andrew's latest episode explores the benefits of smiling at work and how it can contribute to your success.
He points to lesser-known facts about smiling. First, it releases a chemical in the brain that makes us feel good. Which partly explains why we do it.
Second, there's something called mirroring you should know about. If you smile at someone, it creates a mirroring effect. The other person automatically finds themselves reflecting on one of their own.
Translate these facts and their implications for your workplace. You can now realise how and why your smiling can get others purring with pleasure without them even knowing why.
Smiling alone, though, won't make you a success warns Andrew. But it goes a long way towards it.
As usual, he ends the week's podcast with three actions you can adopt immediately and offers a suggested takeaway.
All 50 Ways podcasts end with three actions you can take today to do better.

All 50 Ways podcasts end with three actions you can take today to do better.


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