CNN Exclusive: Former trooper under investigation for actions at Robb Elementary is now a police officer for the same school system


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CNN has exclusively learned that a former Texas state trooper who is under investigation for her actions at Robb Elementary on May 24th is now a police officer at Uvalde Elementary. She’s now being trusted with protecting some of those same students who survived the massacre that saw 19 students and two teachers murdered. Crimson Elizondo was one of the first law enforcement officers on scene when a gunman entered the school. About 77 minutes had passed between the time the first police officers arrived on scene and when the shooter was eventually killed. CNN Crime and Justice Correspondent Shimon Prokupecz has been covering the investigation and searching for answers. He tells Anderson Cooper about how the victim’s families are reacting to his new reporting.

Plus, today was the first time people were allowed back onto Florida’s Sanibel Island since Hurricane Ian made landfall as a Category 4 storm. CNN National Correspondent Randi Kaye made the trip with some of them.

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