E271 A Top-Heavy Brain and a Beer Can Easter


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Happy Easter! Did you know the best way to praise Jesus is to sing Leona Lewis's Bleeding Love to him at a sleepover? Em's childhood self might object... This week, in episode 271, Em is also bringing us an interesting topic in light of Easter: the story of Barbro Karlén, a Swedish writer, mounted police officer and notable believer in past lives as she believes she was Anne Frank in a previous life. Then Christine brings us the chilling and tragic disappearance of Canadian teen Mekayla Bali. And tune in next time to see if Em's sleep self hid Easter surprises in their own apartment... and that's why we drink!

If you have any information on Mekayla Bali's potential whereabouts, please email miraclemekayla@gmail.com or call 1-306-641-9436.

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