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In this episode I talk with some friends from the Stereo App about capitalism vs socialism. Put on your seatbelt, we go deep on this one.

Talk Hogan, Cannon, Sebastian, Beorn, Leonard, and myself break down the ills of the current political system in the USA and pontificate on how we could improve things.

We must start with the fact that despite what we are indoctrinated to believe, the USA is NOT a democracy. It is a democratic republic, and we are slipping closer to fascism (corporate rule) every day. Our media lambasts socialism at every opportunity always pointing to countries like Venezuela as an example of how socialisms doesn't work. We in the US are a country with amnesia as if there is no history and all we have is this moment. We never look at the fact that before the US imposed economic sanctions on Venezuela they had a great economy. Also left out of the news are the attempted assassinations of Venezuela's leaders and the fact that it has a massive oil reserve. How dare they want to nationalize their own oil supply, don't they know we need their oil to maintain our unsustainable lifestyle?

As Noam Chomsky put it once do you think we would be worried about "liberating" countries if their #1 export was broccoli? We only seem to want to "save the people" in countries that are sitting on a massive oil reserve. Our mainstream media outlets (corporate owned) never mention the fact that the USA is the ONLY industrialized nation WITHOUT Universal Healthcare, and one of the only without free college education. It is necessary to avoid free college education in the US, cause if we educated the people they would soon realize how we are being screwed by the government.

I forget who said it, but one of my favorite quotes is " an educated and united populace is a tyrannical governments worst fear". So there you have it. In order to maintain the status quo, they must keep us ignorant and in fear. This is why there is always a new enemy whether it be terrorism in general, or some leader of a country. The rhetoric is so obvious once you learn to look for it. Any time we want to overthrow a government we refer to them as a regime. Once again. it is funny not funny how all these regimes we want to overthrow are sitting on massive oil or gas reserves.

Riddle me this; if capitalism is such a great system why are we (the USA) unwilling to let any country try communism. It would seem to me, we would let countries try it and decide they don't like it. Yet, any time a country veers towards socialism, we assassinate their leaders, send in the jackals, and overthrow their government putting in a puppet government that will bow to the USA's (corporate) will.

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