Episode 113 Body, Soul, and Spirit


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Episode 113 Body, Soul, and Spirit

The scriptures tell us that we were made in the image of God for God. Paul also prayed that we may be sanctified completely that our spirit, soul, and body may be preserved blameless at his coming. How does this happen? Is this happening to us? The Psalmist says that man is fearfully and wonderfully made. Man is a complicated being and not easy to understand or explain. But there is teaching in the scriptures that can give us some understanding of how we are made and what God is doing to bring us back from the effects of sin that we may enter fully into fellowship with Him both now and into eternity. God is conforming us to the image of Christ and preparing us to be wedded to Him for all eternity. As we mature we can understand more of how this is taking place that we may cooperate fully with the Holy Spirit who is working in us both to will and do for His good pleasure.

  • The makeup of man
    • Body (the physical part of man that is seen)
    • Soul (the inner man—mind, desires, emotions)
    • Spirit (intuition, conscience, communion)
    • The whole man is to be sanctified (I Thess. 5:23)
  • The Body
    • Made for the Lord (I Cor. 6:13)
    • Is how the life of God is expressed (Heb. 10:5-10)
    • Has been affected by sin (Rom. 8:13)
  • The Soul
    • Is the seat of “I” or who I am (including our spirit)
    • Is eternal (Matt. 10:28)
    • Is renewed through obedience ( 2 Peter 1:5-11)
    • The mind is renewed by taking every thought captive to Christ (2 Cor. 10:5)
    • Our desires and emotions must not control (Gal. 5:24)
  • Our Spirit
    • Is seen as distinct from the soul (Heb. 4:12, I Thess. 5:23, I Cor. 14:4)
    • Is made alive by new birth (John 3:6, Rom. 6:4)
    • Is the faculty by which we “know” God (I Cor. 2:11-12)
    • The place of communion with God (I Cor. 6:17)
    • Is the seat of worship (John 4:23)
  • Sanctification
    • Initiated by God (the Holy Spirit, (preparing the Bride, I Cor. 6:11, Eph. 5:25-27)
    • All based on Calvary and God’s grace (I Cor. 1:30, I Peter 1:2)
    • Begins in our spirit (life from God, John 5:40)
    • Works out in the inner man as we are conformed to Christ (Gal. 4:19)
    • Expressed through the body in deeds of righteousness (I John 2:28-3:9)

A good reference for further study on the makeup of man


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