140 God in our Midst


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Episode 140 God in our Midst

The promise of God is that He will dwell in us and walk among us. A company of believers as the Temple of God is the fulfillment of the promise of God and cost Calvary to make it possible. What should be taking place if the Holy Spirit is given His rightful place? Today we want to continue on the subject of our last program on what we should expect when God is dwelling in our midst and the Holy Spirit is given free control. It is so important that we carefully consider this lest we be caught in simply a religious form that has no meaning to God.

The ministry on our program today is by Gordon Gentry and was given in a small home setting in 1996. Our prayer is that you may find encouragement in this in your own situation and experience the riches of God dwelling in your midst.

(As a side note, the setting was with a few brothers and sisters where questions were encouraged, and one brother was struggling with sleep apnea.)

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