136 The Message of the Cross


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Episode 136 The Message of the Cross

Paul said that the message of the Cross is the power of God to those who are being saved. What is this message of the Cross? In what way is it the power of God? How do we avail of this power to be delivered from this world of sin and enter fully into what God is doing today? Many relegate the “message of the Cross” to our initial deliverance from sin. While that is included, the message of the Cross ( or logos of the Cross) is much more than that. God has provided much more for us at Calvary than just forgiveness of sin. We need that and we never want to diminish the significance of that in any way. But that is just the beginning. Today we want to explore some of the broader meaning of what Jesus did at Calvary and how we enter into that in our experience.

  • The Old Man has been crucified
  • The New Man has been created in Christ
  • We are in the New Man by our union with Christ by the Spriit
  • Put off the deeds of the Old Man
  • Put on the deeds of the New Man
  • The importance of relationships in the body
  • Be filled (controlled) by the Holy Spirit
  • Walking in the light, in truth, in Christ together


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