135 Growing up into Christ


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Episode 135 Growing up into Christ

Jesus told the early apostles to go and make disciples. He also said that it is enough that a disciple be as his master. The goal of God is mature sons and daughters, able to bear responsibility in His family. How is this goal of God to be realized? I think that every sincere Christian believes that God wants maturity in His children, but there is not always agreement on how that maturity is to be accomplished. I believe the truth presented by Paul in Ephesians chapter 4 is the way in which God has designed for the maturity to be realized. We are not at liberty to design our own way, but rather we are to let the Holy Spirit reveal God’s way through the scriptures. There are reasons that God has structured His family this way. Today we seek to examine some of those reasons.

  • One God, one faith, one body
  • Grace has been given to every member
  • Every grace is necessary to achieve God’ goal for each member
  • Exercise (or functioning) of every member is critical
  • Speaking the truth in love requires relationships
  • Experiencing Christ, Expressing Christ
  • Perfection or maturity in love

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