130 The Ephesian Church


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Episode 130 The Ephesian Church

The truth that we need is not always spelled out in the scriptures in a detailed outline. Many times it is given to us by the record of God’s working in the past. The foundation and growth of the Ephesian church is an example of that. Let us learn from this account. We continue today on the subject of “Building in God” by considering the beginning and growth of the Ephesian assembly. In many ways, Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is the most complete instruction that we have regarding the plan of God for achieving His eternal goal in our time. This letter was written from prison and is likely a summary of what he taught those believers for a period of three years when he laid the foundation. He had to condense three years into a relatively short letter, but our task is to “unpack” the truth in this letter and apply it to our situation by the enabling power of the Holy Spirit.

  • The beginning (Acts 19)
    • Baptism
    • Receiving the Holy Spirit
    • The gospel demonstrated in power
  • The cost of following Jesus
    • Persecution from religious men
    • Deeds of repentance
    • Persecution from the world
  • The full counsel of God (Acts 20)
    • Three years of teaching night and day
    • The church led by elders
    • Commended unto the grace of God
  • Prison ministry of Paul
    • Put in prison for the sake of the gospel
    • Accepting the place God puts us
    • God’s wisdom (seeing beyond the immediate)

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